About Us

The coaches with Pacific Real Love have been personally trained and certified by Dr. Greg Baer (they are Certified Real Love Coaches – CRLC).  They have also attended a large number of workshops, seminars, intensives and personal sessions with Dr. Baer.  Currently they host two of the weekly free Real Love conference calls where anyone can call in to learn and implement the principles of Real Love.  Here are biographies and background information of our coaches:

Inge Jechart, CRLC

Inge has been practicing Real Love for about 15 years now.  She learned the principles by attending Real Love groups that were hosted at her house for many years.  As part of doing this work she has been taking Real Love calls from people all over the country for many years.  She became certified as a coach in 2011 and has been coaching numerous clients from different parts of the country over the phone or by video connection.  Inge has been passionate about this work for a long time, and it ties in with her yoga and spiritual practice.  Inge listens deeply and connects to people and clients at the heart level – allowing them to be seen and heard.  Only then will she suggest ways of seeing a situation differently, so that feeling loved and being loving will become a new focus for her clients.

As is so often the case, Inge’s family also benefited from her work.  Her young adult sons confirm that their relationship with their mother is much different now than it was ten years ago – much calmer, kinder and more fun.

Inge’s professional background is in science, software and project management.  She is a board member of the Monarch Parents Foundation, an organization that provides support and programming to families with children at risk.

Contact Inge at inge@pacificreallove.com or at (925) 963-6439.

Mary Laine, CRLC

For the past ten years, Mary Laine has worked closely with Dr. Greg Baer.  Mary has been a Real Love coach, working with individual clients, and has facilitated local Real Love groups.

Mary received a degree in Human Development and Psychology from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and worked with the California Youth Authority and Child Protective Services during college. After a career in marketing she facilitated parenting classes for many years.

She is married to her husband of 25 years, is a mother of three, and enjoys sharing her passion for the Real Love principles.

Contact Mary at mary@pacificreallove.com or at (510) 421-0521.

Call us at (925) 963-6439 or email us at PacificRealLove@gmail.com to schedule a coaching appointment or if you have any questions.  New clients receive a free 30 minute coaching session.