Real Love Groups

In-person Real Love group:

Join us to practice the Real Love principles and see how they can change your life!  We get together in person and learn how to tell the truth about ourselves.  You get to do this with the loving guidance of Inge Jechart, Certified Real Love Coach.  Inge has been hosting this group for almost 4 years.  Many people have felt supported and loved by her, and have changed their lives.

The group meets every week in Dublin, CA.  For more details click here.

Long-Distance Group hosting:

Inge Jechart is available to host Real Love Groups using a video service like Skype or FaceTime.  A group typically lasts 1.5 or 2 hours.  The charge for hosting is $80/hour.  For inquiries about this service or to set up a long-distance group, please email (include your preferred date and time and how many people will be participating in the group).