Workshops and Classes

Pacific Real Love coaches offer workshops, seminars and classes that teach participants to replace anger and confusion with peace and confidence.  They also train participants to become aware of which coping behaviors they have been using, how to tell their truth about them, and how to live happier and more peaceful lives.

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Inge Jechart, Certified Real Love Coach, has presented, hosted and organized a number of conferences and workshops.  Most recently she offered a 3-day Real Love workshop at a spiritual center in Crestone, CO.


Mary Laine, CRLC, has presented full-day Real Love workshops across the US.  She is an engaging speaker and has had much experience in public speaking.  She draws the audience in and holds their interest with stories from her own life.

Call us at (925) 963-6439 or email us at to inquire about upcoming seminars or to schedule a seminar in your area.